The Release 34

Once in a great while a boat comes along and for one reason or another becomes a classic. The 31 Bertram, the 36 Rybovich, the 43 Merritt are a few that come to mind. The Release 34 is such a boat. Based on the hull of the 34 Gamefisherman, a boat with legendary ride, handling and a nearly cult-like following. The Release 34 is poised to become the epitome of pocket battlewagon. A blend of traditional styling, state of the art production techniques and the latest propulsion system, the Release 34 is special indeed!

The Release 34 is all about fishing; after all, the hull is already famous for its fish raising capabilities. If you take your fishing seriously, you’ll love this new walk-around. You can go forward to tend the bow lines, or set an anchor, without having to climb up or down to get up front. If you throw your own cast net, you’ll appreciate the gunwale width forward — it’s wide enough for you to make a toss and still feel good about staying in the boat. The single level deck means no step for a hooked-up angler to trip over if he or she has to circle the boat while fighting a fish. The 100-square-foot cockpit sports a rocket launcher with several livewell options. With a few more rod holders (easily installed), the walk-around layout provides a perfect platform for drifting for swordfish or kite fishing for sails. Light-tackle record seekers should take note, this is the ultimate layout for pursuing your quarry. You’ll find plenty of room in the cockpit for a full-size fighting chair and plumbing is available for an alternative on-deck livewell – making her a great rig for chasing marlin or giant bluefin tuna on heavy tackle as well. Contrary to the company’s name, Release 34 comes equipped with three insulated and plumbed fish boxes – two in the deck and one in the transom. The modules at the forward end of the cockpit can be set up how you want. Drink – boxes, bait prep, refrigeration, freezer, or livewell.