The Build Process

Our manufacturing system utilizes the state-of-the-art Vacuum Infused Resin (VIR) molding process.  Only a few manufacturers are using this highly sophisticated “closed-molded” process. The results are a more consistent resin-to-cloth ratio, stronger and lighter parts, less waste and an environmentally friendly boatbuilding system. This process is not related to what is commonly known as “vacuum bagging,” a process used by many builders.

Our boats are 100-percent composite, not wood, using only the finest materials. Vinylester resins, Kevlar, carbon, biaxial and triaxial woven fiberglass cloth and composite cores are used throughout the hull areas. Our stringers are foam-filled and fully encapsulated with fiberglass laminates and reinforced with a carbon composite layer for additional strength. The stringer grid system stiffens and provides the right amount of rigidity to the hull, while adding a gel coat finish below deck. With the composite cross-linked structural foams available today, our boats are lighter, stronger and stiffer than any competitor. The weight savings of the cored hull also equates to better fuel economy. Our boats still have the positive characteristics of the custom wooden classics, with the positive attributes listed above and also the advantages of no rot or insect problems.