2020 Palm Beach International Boat Show Goes Virtual

The marine industry is an important staple of the Florida economy, accountable for over $23.3 billion. The Palm Beach International Boat Show has a total state-wide economic impact of over $682.7 million in Florida. While the show will no longer take place in its original form, Palm Beach International Boat Show will be engaging with exhibitors and attendees via a virtual show.

One of the largest boat shows and one of the Top 5 Boat Shows in the United States, the show was originally scheduled for March of this year but was postponed until May. Now the popular boat show has announced on their that they will be going virtual. 

The virtual Palm Beach Boat Show will be online with nearly 500 premier exhibitors and will be launching on Thursday, May 14th.  

The virtual boat show will continue to be dedicating to connecting the community of yachting and marine enthusiasts. The show will no longer take place in its original form and will be the first time anything like this has happened in 35 years but the show will continue to bring exhibitors and attendees together through their virtual show. 

For more details about the Palm Beach Boat Show and how to watch online, click here to visit their website. 

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