IconPCS Review of the Release 46 WalkaroundThe Release 46 is covered in the Sportfisher Showcase of the July 2012 Issue

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Thank you for your interest in Release Boatworks.

My name is Jim Turner, owner of Release Boatworks and former owner of Casa Vieja Lodge in Guatemala, one of the world’s premier sportfishing operations. I’ve had the privilege to fish aboard some of the greatest gameboats ever made, run by some of the best captains and crews on the water, both in Guatemala and in nearly every top destination in the world.

Along with this privilege came the immense responsibility of maintaining and in most cases, restoring these timeless classics. Since its inception, the lodge has offered its worldwide clientele not only outstanding sport fishing but also the opportunity to fish aboard some of the sport’s most iconic gameboats, from Rybovich and Merritt to Whiticar, Gamefisherman, Stolper and more. Maintaining these classics season after season, overcoming years of use (and abuse) while remaining true to their original intent, was truly a labor of love. It’s also given me a unique insight into what makes a sportfishing boat a true classic.

While each of these boats has an individual personality, they all share a common trait: they were built to fish.  Standards have clearly changed over the years, because a vintage 37-foot Merritt still has a bigger cockpit than most of today’s 50-footers. Unfortunately for avid fishermen with modest budgets, most custom builders don’t build boats in the 34- to 46-foot size range any longer.

Until now.

Our mission: to build a traditional Florida classic design using the best technology available.  I feel this lineup delivers in all aspects.Jim Turner, Owner

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