Boat Builders For Billfish Coalition

In 2019, Release Boatworks partnered with The International Gamefish Association (IGFA) as the founding member of the Boat Builders For Billfish Coalition.

The Boat Builders for Billfish Coalition is an industry-led alliance to generate support
for the IGFA Great Marlin Race (IGMR), the world’s most extensive billfish satellite tagging program.  

The IGFA established the Boat Builders for Billfish Coalition to create a secure future for billfish and the anglers that pursue them, through the IGMR. 

“As a builder of sport fishing vessels designed primarily to target the apex predators of the ocean, it makes perfect sense for us to support the IGMR by joining the Boat Builders for Billfish Coalition,” said Release Boatworks Production Manager Scott Jastrzembski.

“We are excited to work with the IGFA and other members of the coalition to help support the great work being done by the IGMR. In addition to the initial donation, we will also continue to donate to the IGMR in the form of partial proceeds from the sale of each Release Boatworks sport fishing yacht we produce. We hope to inspire other builders to join the coalition in the near future as well.”

Manufacturers of sport fishing vessels and related accessories provide anglers around the world with the necessary tools to target the most iconic game fish in the ocean – billfish. Unfortunately, most billfish populations are poorly studied and in a depleted state. The IGFA is working to learn more about the migration patterns of these imperiled species and driving oceanographic conditions. 

For more information about the IGFA, visit their website here:

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