The Stringer System

In order to achieve a tight fit, the stringer system plug is being built in place.  The wood fixtures will be covered in formica and a perfect mold will be made from them.  The stringer grid will then be laminated on mold and will contain the complete writing and plumbing chases as well as the floors for an engine room and storage compartments.  Before the stringers are bonded to the hull, patterns are laid on the laminated hull surfaces.  Then, a high-quality bonding material called methacrylate is applied.  Methacrylate is a perfect boatbuilding material because its tensile strength is about 4,000 pounds per square inch — three times that of fiberglass laminate; however, it never gets brittle like putties and glass mat, so your hull can handle the challenging seas, absorbing and flexing without a worry about de-laminating the stringer system.