46 Walkaround, by Release Boatworks

The most popular of the Release Boatworks fleet, the 46, is one of the most fuel-efficient and maneuverable boats in her class!

She’s also one of the most beautiful boats on the water, with lines reminiscent of the finest by Rybovich and Merritt. From the unbroken sheer line to the gentle curve of her transom tumblehome, she’s definitely a head-turner and yet beneath those clean, classic lines lies some of the most modern technological advances in boatbuilding available today.

The Release Boatworks 46’ hull is available in three different configurations: Flybridge (or dayboat), Express and Walkaround, each with a distinctive benefit for her owners. Those who prefer to troll will most likely gravitate toward either the traditional Flybridge, with her upper control station and spacious salon below deck or the Express with both upper and lower control stations, while those who chase big fish on light tackle or drift fish for sails or swords will find the Walkaround the perfect vessel for those pursuits.

No matter which design, the Release 46 brings with it a competitive pedigree and a custom boatbuilder’s touch. Nothing else on the water even comes close.


The Release Boatworks 46 walkaround will set an impressive benchmark for both speed and fuel efficiency. With unmatched maneuverability, she is a light-tackle angler’s dream machine. With less drag moving through the water, fuel efficiency is greatly improved. Precise specs depend on each power selection and build design.


While our 46 is an adept cruiser, she’s also designed to fish, and fish hard. With input from some of the finest captains and anglers from the four corners of the sportfishing world, the 46 walkaround will find herself just as comfortable trolling in the deep blue Pacific off Kona, drifting for swords and sails within sight of the Miami skyline or chasing giant bluefin tuna off Cape Cod. The professional’s touch is everywhere: The outriggers angle perfectly to the tip of the transom. The covering boards of the gunwales are at the perfect height. Even the tackle center and fishboxes are placed in exactly the right spot. She’s all set to conquer the world’s toughest gamefish.

Design and Construction

Utilizing the finest in modern construction techniques, the Release Boatworks 46 walkaround is both light and incredibly strong. These boats are meant to fish hard in some of the world’s most remote destinations, so safety and reliability are among the chief considerations. The hull consists of ISO/NPG gelcoat, vinylester resins and multi-directional fabrics and fiberglass all sandwiching Airex coring. You can be assured of receiving a vessel that’s built to the highest standards of construction, using the finest in materials and craftsmanship.


Just because the Release Boatworks 46 is designed to fish didn’t mean her designers took any shortcuts with luxury. Far from it in fact; because Release Boatworks is a semi-custom builder, prospective owners have the choice of fabrics and soft goods below deck, making her a truly unique work of art. Over six feet of headroom in each model adds to the airy feel below, while the interior arrangements make the most of every available square foot. She’s unlike anything else out there today.

Power Options

Inboard: Cummins QSM11 715 hp, Volvo D12 725 hp, MAN i-6 800 hp, MAN i-6 850 hp, Volvo D13 1000 hp

Outboard: Triple 425 Yamaha, Quad 400 Mercury Verados, Twin 600 Mercury Verados

For more information about the 46′ Walkaround, email info@releaseboatworks.com or review the spec sheet here: https://www.releaseboatworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/46-Walkaround-Release-Boatworks-Specs.pdf