46 Cockpit Perspective

After getting to look at nearly every competitors boat in the mid-40’s range we thought it would be wise to highlight the size of our cockpit. The Release 46 measures in at 130 inches deep…that compares to most boats in the 60-70+ range. With most competitors in the 45-52′ range coming in at 95-105″ from the mezzanine to the transom…we are over 2 FEET DEEPER! Just imagine the capabilities and the enhanced fun you can experience with over 2′ in additional working space in the cockpit! Check out a photo of the 46 Deck plug to put it in perspective….note this is a POD boat with gigantic fish boxes and multiple livewell configurations.

There is no doubt that the Release 46 is built to fish and ready to entertain the whole family & crew at the sand bar after a day offshore!