Real Fishboxes!

We often hear that today’s boats and especially POD drive boats do not have big enough fish boxes. I think we can eliminate any doubt about fitting a big Tuna or Wahoo in our fish boxes. As you can see here….our Naval Architect Erwin Gerards made sure that we can fit very large fish in our boxes. We offer 600 …

46 Construction Update

Our Release 46 construction is moving along quite well. As you can see our bulkheads are in place and yesterday our first of two fuel tanks arrived. She is coming along quite well and will be pulled from her hull mold very soon. Additionally, below is a photo of our team working through the lamination process of the Walk Around …

46 Cockpit Perspective

After getting to look at nearly every competitors boat in the mid-40’s range we thought it would be wise to highlight the size of our cockpit. The Release 46 measures in at 130 inches deep…that compares to most boats in the 60-70+ range. With most competitors in the 45-52′ range coming in at 95-105″ from the mezzanine to the transom…we …

43 Hull Mold Update

We have been keeping our welders & steel fabricators quite busy with all the large parts completing ahead of schedule. Our Release 43 Hull has just had the final steel framing put in place and shortly we will pull the mold from the plug to begin preparing her for the infusion process. All hands have been putting in the extra …

34 Stringer Grid

Our team has just completed installing the steel framing for constructing the 34 Stringer Grid. Our team will now continue construction on the first Release 34 and will shortly begin installing a completed stringer grid. Our stringer grid system allows our team to build a lighter, stronger and more rigid hull while allowing us to improve overall efficiency during the …

46 Deck Cap

Many new parts are nearing completion and the boat is coming together quickly. As you can see from this photo, we are in process of putting the two halves together for the final fit of the Release 46 deck cap.

The Infusion Process

Illustrated below are photos of the various steps in the actual infusion process from start to finish. Total time elapsed to actually infuse the 46 hull is just over an hour.

Infusion Set Up

Below you can see our team carefully installing all the final necessary hoses to begin the infusion process.

Foam Coring Installation

Today our team is installing the closed cell foam in the Release 46 hull mold in preparation for infusion.