Infusion Set Up

Below you can see our team carefully installing all the final necessary hoses to begin the infusion process.

Foam Coring Installation

Today our team is installing the closed cell foam in the Release 46 hull mold in preparation for infusion.

46 Hull Infusion Update

Today our team is continuing the installation of the “dry” materials in preparation for the infusion process. You can see the various biaxial and triaxial woven fiberglass cloth and composite cores that are to be installed. Additionally, only the best cloth materials, composite cores, Kevlar, carbon and Vinylester resins are utilized in state-of-the-art Vacuum Infused Resin (VIR) molding process utilized …

46 Hull Lamination Begins

Our team has completed spraying the gel coat and has begun to install the first layers of materials into our 46 Hull Mold. Soon we will begin to dry fit all the remaining materials in preparation for the infusion process.

46 Hull Construction Update

Our team is nearly completed preparing the 46 hull mold for lamination. Next we will begin spraying the gel coat and install the first layers of materials to begin the resin infusion process.

46 Walk Around Deck plug

The 46 Walk Around Deck plug has completed the preparation phase and now the deck mold will be constructed.

46 Walk Around Update

Today our team has sprayed the gel coat for the 46 Walk Around Helm Deck in beautiful Mattahorn White. The team is working diligently to prepare all the necessary parts to begin assembly. Next week the hull will begin and a boat will be born!

Hull #1 – 46′ Walk Around

Release Boatworks is going full steam ahead.  Howard Steinberg is the owner of Hull#1, the 46′ walk-around, and he was here visiting our Miami shop this month to check on the progress of the building.  We have been moving at a steady pace.  The final fairing of the hull plug is a couple days from completion and the bridge deck plug is underway.  This …

2011 Release Boatworks 46 Walk-Around

Fishability While many make the claim, the Release 46 represents a true walk-around. Unlike many large open boats, the Release 46’s deck runs flush from stem to stern. Besides making fishing a full 360 degrees around the boat a breeze, the flush deck adds to the boat’s super-clean appearance. While every boater can appreciate the good looks and superb performance …